The Triumph of Christianity

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Spirituality (Consciousness) infuses all of life and is the driving force behind Sacred American University! 

It is a broad concept with room for many perspectives.  In general it includes a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves, and it typically involves the creation of meaning in life. 

As such, it is a universal human experience --- something that touches us all.  People may describe a spiritual experience as sacred or transcendent or simply a deep sense of aliveness and connection with the cosmos and other people.  

1.  What is the meaning of my life?

2.  What is my purpose? 

3.  How should I be active in the world? 

4.  How should I then live?


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The American Positive Psychology Association (


We offer bachelor's, master's, 

and doctoral degrees!


Each degree program includes the course, Triumph of Christianity 

from the School of Biblical Studies and Christian History!  


All fields of study are infused with a need for 

meaning and purpose in our lives!


Custom Degrees by

Prior Learning Assessment, Portfolio, Research, Writing, and Coursework!

Successful Completion of our prestigious accelerated and accredited degrees requires:

Desire  - Enthusiasm - Determination - Commitment - Focus - Self-Motivation - Self-Discipline 

Self-Confidence - Concentration - the ability to read and understand, the ability to formulate one's 

own thoughts, and arrive at appropriate conclusions and the ability to express oneself in writing! 

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Schools and Degree Programs

Our tuition is a fraction of what traditional colleges and universities charge!

The New School of Positive Psychology

School of Spiritual Humanism 

School of Biblical Studies and History of Christianity 

School of Business Leadership

Citizen's School of Law (Non-Bar)

About Us

The creation of meaning and purpose for our lives is 

a quest in which we are all engaged!  This 

is the meaning of spirituality!

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