School of Law

Curriculum for Executive Juris Doctor (JD)

JD1 Introduction to the Law

• Beginning Concepts

• The Parties

• Criminal Law vs. Civil Law

• Who Makes Laws?

• Judicial Systems

• Federal Court System vs. State Court System

• Learning the Law

• Glossary of Useful Terms

JD2 Tort Law

• Overview of Tort Law

• Liability

• Negligence Law

• Strict Liability

• Intentional Torts

• Invasion of Privacy Torts

• Defamation

JD3 Property Law

• Property Law Overview

• Interests in Land

• Transfers of Ownership of Land

• Recording of Ownership of Land

• Private Limitations on the Use of Land

• Public Limitations on Land Ownership and Use

JD4 Constitutional Law

• Constitutional Law Overview

• Justiciability

• The Federal System

• Individual Rights

JD5 Contract Law

• Overview of Contract Law

• Beginning Concepts

• A Contract Has Three Core Elements - Offer, Acceptance, Consideration

• Interpretation

• Modification

• Third Party Involvement

• Breach of Contract

• Defenses to Breach of Contract

• Conditions

• Warranties

• Remedies

JD6 Criminal Law

• Criminal Law Overview

• Beginning Concepts

• Principles in Criminality

• The Crimes

• Accomplice Liability

• Overview of Criminal Procedure

JD7 Civil Procedure Law

• Civil Procedure Overview

• Procedural Concepts

• Justiciability

• Forum

• Pleadings

• Pretrial Procedure

• Trial Procedure

• Decisions of the Court

• Post-Trial

• Alternative Dispute Resolution

JD8 Legal Research and Writing

JD9 Agency, Partnership, LLCs

JD10 Corporations

JD11 Wills

JD12 Trusts

JD13 Evidence

JD14 Professional Responsibility

Elective Courses

JD15 Alternative Dispute Resolution - Important to establishing a mediation practice. Law license not required

JD16 Divorce Mediation & Settlement – Important to the practice of divorce mediation. Law license not required.

JD17 Asset Protection Law - Important to practicing as an asset protection consultant. Law license not required.

JD18 Education Law

JD19 Family Law

JD20 Federal Courts

JD21 Health Care Law

JD22 Employment Law

JD23 Immigration Law

JD24 Insurance Law - Important for insurance industry executives. Law license not required.

JD25 Intellectual Property - Important to becoming a Patent and Trademark Consultant. Law license not required.

JD26 Sports Law- Important to becoming a Sport's Agent. Law license not required.

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